Fighting for Families: The Opioid Crisis

Many Americans were stunned by the recent news that opioid overdoses have increased by 30% nationwide, and 70% in the Midwest, in just one year. As a recovery company, the reaction of mainstream America to these statistics reminded us of the same disbelief we often hear from parents – “How did we get here? How did my child get addicted to heroin?”

Three Things Parents Should Know About the Revolving Door of Treatment

There are many incredible treatment centers. There are also many treatment centers that prioritize profit margins over client care. No family can be expected to know the difference during such a vulnerable time.

Angela Carillo

Brass Tacks Recovery Fundamentals: Healing (Part 1)

How does Brass Tacks Recovery help clients have faith that they can achieve long-term recovery?

“Our clients believe in our recovery. Each of us is in active recovery ourselves. We lead by example, and we show by action. We have walked on the exact same path that we are now helping our clients walk on. We never ask them to do anything that we have not done, or are not continuing to do ourselves. In that example, faith is created.”

Angela Carillo

How We Protect Our Clients and their Families

How are Brass Tacks Recovery’s unique services rooted in ethics and values?

“Our entire company is built on our principles. The first word that comes to mind with anything we do is “integrity”. As individuals and as a company, we are unwilling to compromise our integrity. Every decision that we make is rooted in our morals; from deciding what’s best for the client, to which treatment centers we choose to work with.”

Angela Carillo

Angela Carrillo Talks Honesty

We sat down with Angela Carrillo, our Founder & COO, for her insight on one of the fundamental principles of recovery, honesty.

Honesty is the shot from the gun that begins the recovery race. In order to change, one has to be able to understand what self-honesty is – not just to come from a place of honesty, but also to be able to receive feedback. If an individual does not have the ability to be honest about their fears or challenges, then they cannot be open to receiving the information, tools, and suggestions necessary to expand, evolve and maintain sobriety. Addiction loves emotional stagnation. A person must change to recover, and that change will depend on many factors. Simply put, honesty is critical.