The following testimonials are real. They are from those who have walked into the doors of Brass Tacks Recovery and have found the true meaning of what we do.

“Brass Tacks has been great to work with over the years. The BRASS TACKS Recovery team are a professional, dedicated group of individuals that always put what’s in the best interest of the patient and the family first and foremost. I highly recommend their team!”

“We would like to thank the personnel at Brass Tacks Recovery for all they have done on our family’s behalf. We presented them with a very challenging, complex situation and they were able to successfully execute two plans for recovery while managing multiple families and locations. Everyone working at Brass Tacks was professional, honest, empathic, and knowledgeable. They worked well as a Team and were available 24/7 to address any questions or matters that happen to come up. The Team is excellent at problem solving, working with families and being flexible to change course as needed. We cannot thank Angela enough for all they were willing to do in providing their clients a path for a successful recovery. They went far beyond expectations and we will forever be grateful to them. ”

Lisa B.

“Brass Tacks has truly been a blessing for our family. Although our daughter may always battle her mental health and addiction issues, Brass Tacks helped guide us through some of the most taxing years we have faced. They not only held our parental hands through it all, but they simultaneously gained the respect and love of our daughter while she fought her illness. As a parent, I would highly recommend not trying to face all of these type challenges alone. Having Brass Tacks at our side over the last few years not only gave us comfort knowing the multiple facilities and treatment providers we went through were being managed properly, but their compassion and sincere caring for our family made all the pain we suffered throughout the process more bearable.”

Mike (A father)

“I have had the pleasure of working collaboratively with Brass Tacks Recovery Team for over 3 years now.  Angela have such a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion when it comes to combating addiction. The genuine care and compassion the Brass Tacks team has differentiates them from the crowd, and clients/families win as a direct result. As a referring professional, I know that whenever I call Brass Tacks I have no doubt that the case will get the needed attention AND follow through. I would match the work Brass Tacks does with anyone in the country.”

“Angela has been a personal inspiration to me. She has this amazing energy and kindness that is always present and she is always open, honest and connects so easily on a deeper level. Right from the start she made the relationship seamless and effortless. You just feel that she’s the real deal, that she walks the walk and talks the talk with no judgment. I am so grateful to have had someone so gentle, kind, spiritual and direct in my life when I needed it most.”

“She’s one of the most amazing mixtures of high-energy positivism and deep empathetic spiritual depth I’ve ever met. She has been a help to me with clients, and in my own personal life. It has always been ironic to me that her strengths have been used more for administration and organization than for work directly with clients; Brass Tacks will change that, at last.

I am simply thrilled to see her take on this huge project. I’m impressed with the mission that Brass Tacks is taking on, and have no doubt that, if anyone out there can successfully fill in the missing pieces in the rehabilitation and recovery world, it’s Angela Carrillo. I eagerly await the full blooming of this organization, and finding new ways to utilize it to help my clients and those of my colleagues.”

“When I witnessed my daughter in crisis at the hands of her boyfriend’s physical abuse, and then a few days later seeing her in the hospital from her lifestyle choices, it became apparent that an action needed to be taken. A friend who works in recovery suggested I call Angela at Brass Tacks Recovery to see if their service would be of benefit to our situation?

The answer was yes – they were exactly what we needed. Angela was absolutely amazing. From the first moment I spoke with Angela I could tell that she knew what she was doing and truly cared about our situation. She listened to all of our concerns and were quickly able to assess the situation on all levels (needs, finances, insurance, etc.) and offer us viable suggestions on how to help our 31 year-old-daughter get the help she so desperately needed.

They were compassionate and had a full understanding for what we all were going through because they themselves had been through similar situations in their own lives. Since every person and situation is different, it is really important to find a team of loving and skilled people that can listen and hear what ones special needs might be, and then be able to give you sound advice on how to navigate this difficult time. They gave us this guidance beyond what we could have imagined. Every time another challenge would show up, they were available and ready to help us by providing creative solutions.

They were sensitive to our financial abilities and fought for our family’s needs every step of the way as if they were part of our family – which they have become. Replace the A at the end of Angela’s name with an ‘S’ … Angels … and that’s what my ex-husband and I found in working with Angela and the entire Brass Tacks Recovery Team. Thank you!”

“They worked well as a Team and were available 24/7 to address any questions or matters that happen to come up. Brass Tacks is excellent at problem solving, working with families and being flexible to change course as needed. They went far beyond expectations and we will forever be grateful to them.”

Lisa B.

“We discovered Brass Tacks at a stressful time in our lives. Our son was approaching the end of a 60-day recovery program. We knew he wasn’t ready to be “released,” and we knew that we needed guidance. We searched for a coach to help us navigate through our son’s recovery process. Fortunately, we were referred to Brass Tacks. They provided us with a sense of security and the confidence that we desperately needed. Routine phone conversations with Brass Tacks, and diligently following their advice, paid off. Our son has been sober for over two years. He is thriving and happy. We are extremely grateful for Brass Tacks and everything that they have done for our family.”

“Of all of the professionals in Los Angeles, Ms. Angela Carrillo stands up high above the crowd. Her multiple talents, coupled with a quick and practical intelligence, good ethics, common sense, diligence, hard work and a great capacity for compassion are a perfect mix for success. She knows the field inside and out, the quality programs, the ones to avoid, and the best clinicians. Therefore your friend, colleague, and/or family member will be safe in her good capable hands if you decide to hire her for help. Angela is the first person I would call if someone I loved had a problem with trauma or addiction.“

“We adopted our daughter at the age of 9. Without a complete history of her life, it was not possible to know what situations we would face. When she was a young teenager, we saw the need to place her in a recovery program in which our family also took part.

Through it we met Angela, who became a mentor and friend to our daughter, and a tremendous support to my husband and me. She led us all through the process of recovery with knowledge, compassion, and generosity of spirit. She was both firm and reassuring and, because she is skilled and well-versed in the facets of addiction, we walked through the challenge together.

Today, our daughter is a young woman of tremendous strength, dignity, and grace. She is truly one of the greatest gifts in our life. She, Angela, and we are in regular contact. The lives Angela will touch and inspire can only be imagined; but they, as we, are and will be profoundly fortunate.”

“When you are at your wits’ end and the whole world doesn’t make sense and you don’t know what to do or where to turn and you’re completely stopped dead in your tracks from making any headway even though this is the most important thing in the world despite all your best efforts and resources, call Angela. Listen to them. Do what they say. Trust them. They know what they are doing. There are no guarantees in life, especially in the baffling, vexing, tortuous hell of addiction where up means down and love means death. Lean on them. Ask them for help. Trust them.”

Doug Pearce