Where We Fit In

Brass Tacks Recovery is a critical adjunct to any clinical team treating a person with a compulsion or an addiction, whether chemical or behavioral. Brass Tacks Recovery provides an additional, but very necessary, level of support for the alcoholic or addict and his or her family and loved ones.

Based upon decades of professional experience and research, we have found that the addiction recovery services we provide may prevent problems before they surface. Brass Tacks Recovery provides attentive and supportive communications for and between the client, the client’s family, and the clinical team. We have found that these services in particular can have a major impact on the recovery process and enable the clinical team to focus on its primary objectives, which increase the likelihood of a successful and full recovery.

two women talking - professional counseling - brass tacks recovery

A Perfect Liaison

We have found that when family members and other loved ones are active and involved in their own healing process, the likelihood of long-term sobriety or recovery for the individual in treatment increases significantly. Our primary goal in any situation is to improve client success outcomes for long-term sobriety and recovery.

Our Big Picture

In many situations, we have been hired by families and others only after their loved ones have been through many treatment programs, and experienced varied-short term success. This is why our goal is to create a more comprehensive and immersive intervention experience and adjunct treatment service for the first treatment admission. In order to accomplish our goals we use a multifaceted intervention and coaching approach which considers the varied needs of each individual in the family, coupled with and sensitive to, the needs of the family as a whole.

A Concerted Effort

In conjunction with the clinical team treating the alcoholic or addict, we empathetically educate and coach family members and other loved ones related to the recovery process. Our recovery assistance professionals help each person to understand where codependent behaviors (masked as worry, concern, control, financial and emotional support) may continue to fertilize or fuel active addiction, and provide strategies to combat such behaviors and their impact.

Finding The Root Cause

As you would expect, many clients caught in a “revolving door” sobriety cycle, due in whole or in part to multiple relapses post-treatment, have underlying issues. Those issues may include, emotional or medical problems that existed before or in tandem with the addiction’s progression. Those issues may also involve unresolved grief, loss, or trauma (a word derived from a Greek root meaning “wound”). Unless the underlying issues are effectively addressed in a timely manner, a recovering addict is likely to experience short periods of sobriety followed by inevitable relapse. In these situations, Brass Tacks Recovery provides qualified professional resources that can better assess and support the healing process.

A recovering individual’s path from intervention, to treatment, to aftercare, can be one of the most challenging and difficult times for a family.

We provide additional and essential support throughout this time of crisis and each member of our recovery team works diligently to ensure that the professionals, the client, and the family members remain on the same page at all times.