We understand the importance of being a point of trust for the family and an adjunct to the clinical team.
We can enter the recovery process at various stages. Below are some of the services Brass Tacks Recovery offers.


Coach to Intervene™

addiction intervention servicesThis service has been created to support families who may still be in contemplation around doing an intervention, or unsure if one is necessary. CTI™ is designed to assist and support a family in determining an effective approach to deal with a loved one’s substance abuse issue, trauma and/or mental health challenges. This service has proven effective, through prior experience, in educating and helping a family system better assess their loved one’s current crisis state. Through CTI™, we will educate family members and/or clients on an intervention process, best potential resources and customize and develop a plan to specifically address the needs of the client and family system. This mindful and preparatory approach is paced in accordance with the family’s readiness and allows the family to better prepare for the next and healthiest recovery step. With the CTI™ service, Brass Tacks Recovery will determine and advise the family if an actual in person intervention is needed. This is also often a first step to an entire shift in how a family responds to the substance use addiction and/or mental health issues to increase the success rate of a healthy outcome.

If necessary, a second step in this service can be a sit down family meeting, an in person Intervention. The entire Intervention process includes trauma informed pre-intervention, family intervention consulting, customized treatment planning, vetting any potential and appropriate treatment facilities, transportation to the facility, educating the family on healthy boundary setting, and support with the admission process to the facility to facilitate a successful intervention.


addiction intervention servicesIn today’s world, an intervention is often the first step in the recovery process. At Brass Tacks Recovery, whenever we have the opportunity to help a family or other loved one with an intervention, the interventionist works closely with the individual’s family system to ensure that everything is handled in a way that will most likely result in success. The primary intent of an intervention is to educate and help the individual, his or her family members and loved ones fully realize and intervene upon the detrimental effects of psychoactive mood altering substances and compulsive behaviors.

After our interventionist assesses the needs of the individual, and those of his or her family and loved ones, the interventionist creates a plan of action and teaches methods and tools that can enable the family to establish healthy boundaries. At this point, those who love the active substance abuser or compulsive person will present the consequences and boundaries agreed upon by the family members, and if appropriate, friends and colleagues. The individual has the opportunity to hear past emotional experiences of loved ones and the boundaries that will be set. Then the individual is required to make a conscious choice to either continue drinking and using, or to enter treatment and begin a life in recovery.

Comprehensive Wraparound Case Management Services

family support and addiction case managementBrass Tacks Recovery provides Client Case Management and Family Support Services. We are an essential point of trust and communication for the family while being an adjunct of the clinical team. We are able to act as a liaison for all parties involved.

We provide Client Case Management and Family Support Services from the first telephone call through to an independent recovery lifestyle, these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial inquiry call
  • Intervention preparation, planning, and meeting with family
  • Intervention
  • Transportation
  • Initial Family Support Services Plan
  • Admission to treatment
  • Treatment & Aftercare Planning
  • Recovery & Life Integration Coaching (Coaching)
  • Re-entry into an independent recovery lifestyle

In addition, our team is addiction and treatment savvy, therefore we are able to quickly identify potential problems before they happen, which allows us to be proactive rather than reactive. We support and provide additional resources during the treatment and aftercare planning process. Following the client’s successful completion of residential treatment, we assist him or her with transitioning out of a controlled environment into an environment with more freedom. Because there are more potential emotional and relapse triggers, we provide accountability, direction, and guidance for his or her new lifestyle. Therefore, we provide accountability, direction, and guidance in his or her new lifestyle and direction.

Our recovery services supplement, but do not replace psychotherapy. We believe that the combination of services we provide our clients offer the best chance of achieving long-term sobriety and recovery.

Recovery/Life Integration Coaching

Life Integration and coachingThere are periods of time during the recovery process where the individual is most vulnerable for relapse. The time immediately after discharge from a recovery program (whether residential or intensive outpatient) is often the most precarious time, even for a motivated client. This is why it is usually essential to have a professional coach to ensure the maximum likelihood for successful long-term recovery.

A professional recovery coach provides one-on-one and face-to-face mentorship support for the newly recovering individual. The role of a Brass Tacks Recovery coach is to guide and mentor the vulnerable individual in his or her new world of recovery. Because transition can trigger relapse, a recovery coach helps the client adjust from the intensity and structure of a residential or intensive outpatient program to mainstream life. The coach also helps the client establish consistent routine and healthy boundaries. This is done by supporting either their immersion into a 12-step program, teaching day-to-day coping skills and how to set and achieve goals, or new ways of relating to others without resorting to chemicals or addictive behaviors.

Our professional recovery coaches are trained to provide essential encouragement, knowledge and strategies that support, but do not replace, the therapeutic process.

A recovery coach is often able to help a person transition from the intensity and structure of a residential or intensive outpatient program to a less restrictive environment and more independence with fewer mishaps.

Brass Tacks Recovery coaching service is a deliberate collaboration with the residential or outpatient program or individual’s therapist to best support the client’s specific needs and goals.

Client Transportation

services_safe_transportBrass Tacks Recovery’s trained sober travel companions are able to safely transport an
individual from their home, jail, or institution to treatment facilities or other locations, as deemed appropriate by the treatment plan.

In addition to the travel service listed above, our sober travel companions support the family by scheduling all travel arrangements, such as booking drivers, rental cars, taxis, and/or flights.

At Brass Tacks Recovery we are able to transport a person to treatment who is under the influence of chemical substances, as long as they are not in need of immediate medical attention. If the client is severely intoxicated, it will be important that the client has been deemed safe to drive or fly by a medical doctor.

Our sober travel companions will also pack and unpack the client’s personal belongings, and assist the family with their individual needs. During this process we become an extension of the family, helping tie up loose ends and making sure unexpected details are taken care of. The companions are trained to provide an empathetic environment for the client. After the transport, observational notes will be provided for the treatment team.