Brass Tacks:  the most fundamental considerations; essentials; realities (usually used in the phrase, “get down to Brass Tacks.”)


At Brass Tacks Recovery our responsibility is to help the family navigate the treatment industry. Our intention is to alleviate the emotional stress that comes from dealing with the recovery process. Our goal is to support the family and client through every stage, from pre-intervention, through treatment, and on to aftercare. We help the client plan, acclimate and integrate into a recovery based lifestyle. We can also begin to support the family at any time, providing referral placement or any of the full range of services and options available.

Brass Tacks Recovery addresses the core infrastructure of the family model. We believe that we can bring about a dynamic shift in the values and belief systems of our clients. In doing so we can guide them on the path to a lifestyle that supports recovery and personal growth. We work side by side with the family and the client to address needs that may not otherwise be realized. We educate and engage the family and the client at this level to help them create stronger boundaries which allows vulnerability to develop the tools to withstand the real life triggers that lead to relapse.


At Brass Tacks Recovery, our primary goal is to help clients and their families experience the transformation from a painful and challenging crisis to a stable, healthy, and thriving way of life.