The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Aaron Postil – CADC-II, IS, ICADC, CPC, NCAC-I
Founder & CEO

I am the product of an intervention. Had my family not been supported, I believe I would not be alive today. After completing my residential treatment program I realized that my experience, and that of my family, could help others to avoid or reduce suffering in their own lives. This was a driving force in my decision to commit my life to helping others find their way to recovery.

I spent the first 15 years of my career in the music industry managing and traveling with legendary clients such as Guns & Roses, Xzibit, Candlebox, Goldfinger, Van Halen, and Green Day. The culture of the music industry was exciting and during this time my social use of alcohol and drugs gradually progressed into an addiction that took my career, and was close to taking my life.

Thankfully my family intervened with a world-renowned interventionist, Candy Finnigan. Candy has three decades of professional experience and has been a lead interventionist on the A&E series, “Intervention.” She later became my mentor and I am proud to say that now she is an advisor to the Brass Tacks Recovery team. My family was educated in a way that helped them realize how they unwittingly participated in the cycle of my addiction. Out of fear and desperation what they thought were acts of love and support for me actually contributed to enabling my addition. Had they not sought professional help, the negative cycle that was destroying my life may have continued. Being faced with the reality of what my addiction was doing to our family was painful for us all. My family needed to face some hard truths and learn to set boundaries if I was ever to recover. I will forever be grateful that my parents were humble enough to accept professional help. It is that help that created space for me to get honest. From that point forward, my entire life changed.

Part of my family’s recovery was they had to stop financially supporting me. As a result of this, I had to find a job. I still had connections in the music industry, yet my counselors saw my ability to connect with others and encouraged me to seek a career in the recovery field. My first employment position was as a driver. If you would have told me years before that I would be driving a van for a treatment center and consider it an honor, I would have thought you were crazy! In a short amount of time and with a lot of hard work, I advanced to the position of Detox Coordinator for a well-known treatment facility. Within the next two years, I became a counselor and began to seek opportunities to make a larger impact on the lives of others.

This is when I approached Candy and become her mentee. She educated and guided me in the theory of intervention planning and execution. This is where I found my passion and knew this was my calling. This experience further solidified my understanding and appreciation for the fact that an alcoholic or an addict is more likely to achieve long term recovery when a professional is educating and supporting the entire family.
In 2015, I reached out to a friend, Angela Carrillo, a trusted colleague to discuss partnering to launch a company that exclusively focused on family system interventions. A company where integrity and restoration of family would be our core value. From this partnership, Brass Tacks Recovery emerged.

Aaron Postil

Founder & CEO