The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Aaron Postil – CADC-II, IS, ICADC, CPC, NCAC-I
Founder & CEO

Before focusing my professional skills and experience on families dealing with addiction recovery and treatment, I spent 15 years in the music industry managing and traveling with high profile clients such as Guns & Roses, Aly & AJ, Candlebox, Goldfinger, Van Halen, and Greenday. During this time my social use of alcohol and drugs gradually progressed and became a problem. Thankfully, my family intervened and we made the decision that I would enter a residential treatment program. As part of the intervention process, my family and I realized that their love for me resulted in behaviors that unknowingly created an unhealthy and enabling dynamic. At the request of my interventionist, my family sought professional support as well. Through this process they learned how their behaviors related to my challenges could positively and negatively affect our family system as a whole.

After completing my treatment program I realized that my experience, and that of my family, could help others to avoid or reduce suffering in their own lives. This is why I decided to pursue an education related to alcoholism and addiction recovery. It was while completing a substance abuse counseling degree that I realized my true passion was helping others. It was then that I realized I wanted a career in the field of addiction and recovery.

Having had no experience in this field, it was difficult to get my foot in the door at a recovery facility. I knew that I had to start somewhere so I accepted a position as a driver at a treatment center and began my career trajectory. In a short time, and with a lot of hard work, I advanced to the position of Detox Coordinator for a well-known treatment facility. Two years following my own recovery, an opportunity was presented for me to work as a counselor at an in-patient treatment center outside of California. While acting in the role of primary counselor, I realized that I had an ability for connecting with and helping people from all walks of life. Because of this, I became very successful in my role.

Wanting to further my own experience and goals in the recovery industry, I returned to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of opening my own business. I sought out the experience of a family friend, Candy Finnigan, a world-renowned intervention specialist. Candy recognized my passion for helping others and began to mentor me in the theory of intervention planning and execution.

After working with Candy, I decided to venture out on my own. I quickly established relationships with numerous addiction treatment centers nationwide and was offered the opportunity to participate in many contract interventions. I gained an understanding and appreciation for the fact that an alcoholic or an addict is more likely to obtain full and permanent recovery when a professional is educating and supporting their family and loved ones during the treatment process, and afterwards.

To better support the needs of those I worked with, I often sought the advice of my longtime friend and colleague, Angela Carrillo. Angela’s extensive experience in the field combined with her intimate relationships with treatment centers nationwide has proved invaluable.

Aaron Postil

Founder & CEO