The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Cathy Kasper

I have always had a calling to work with people. I have worked in the Administrative and Entertainment industries supporting and empowering teams and clients. It is, therefore, no surprise to me that I now find myself working in Recovery.

I am an 11th generation Californian, with a history of alcoholism dating back at least three generations. I was raised by a single mother who somehow put two little girls through private school and instilled in us a strong work ethic and value system growing up. Most of my teenage years and young adulthood had mild drug and drinking experimentation, and I focused primarily on becoming a productive employee in the fields I chose to pursue.

I married in my late twenties, and I had two beautiful children, the job, the house, and the actual white picket fence. My son ended up with a terminal disorder and lived a beautiful but short life. Drugs and alcohol became my coping skills. I eventually went into treatment, and thus started my journey in recovery. Today I am supported by an active 12-Step community and have family and friends back in my life beyond my wildest dreams.

I began my professional career working as a Medical Assistant for a pediatrician that lasted five years and taught me organization, patience, kindness and compassion. I changed work environments and became a seasoned Operations Manager and have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the service field. I took pride in providing the highest standard in my business endeavors and producing results. From there, I became an Executive Personal Assistant in the entertainment industry, where I utilized my professional skills coupled with my12-step recovery.

My passion for helping and wanting to be a part of others’ recovery led me to being the manager of several sober livings. I was attracted to helping and watching others achieve a new way of living through the 12 steps. I also worked as a Sober Companion, which led me to become a Client Advocate for Brass Tacks Recovery. Brass Tacks Recovery provides the highest standards, produces sustainable results, and genuinely cares for those they support. I am a work in progress and am humbled to learn and work alongside the most caring and committed people in the industry, who I admire on a personal and professional level, beyond words.

Cathy Kasper