The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Cathy Kasper – Case Manager

I have always had a calling to work with people. It is, therefore, no surprise that I now work in mental health. With over 14 years of recovery myself, I now have the privilege of helping others find the freedom that has empowered me to create and sustain the quality of life I now live.

My personal history is that my family tree is filled with alcoholism which dates back at least three generations. I was raised by a single mother who somehow put two little girls through private school and instilled in us a strong work ethic and value system while we were growing up.

I married in my late twenties, and had two beautiful children, a job, a house, and the actual white picket fence. My son was diagnosed with a terminal disorder. Although he lived a beautiful life, it was short. The pain of that loss accelerated my already problematic relationship with alcohol and drugs. I eventually went into treatment and started my journey in recovery. Today I realize the importance of trauma therapy and participating in a continued 12-step program.

My professional career began working as an assistant in the medical industry and over time transitioned into various leadership roles in administration. Over the years, my personal sobriety coupled with my professional skills led me to career in the recovery field where I excelled in management and business development. I enjoy client advocacy, mental health companion work, and any chance I have to directly support a client or their family.

I believe the totality of my past experience is utilized in my current position at Brass Tacks Recovery. This company provides the highest standards, produces sustainable results, and genuinely cares for those they help. I am a work in progress and am humbled to learn and work alongside some of the most caring and committed people in the industry. I am grateful for the caring, compassionate and customized way we take care of each family member.

Cathy Kasper

Case Manager