The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Hannah Blecha – RADT, Client Care Advocate

My professional career and history has always involved working directly with people. Whether vendors, customers, or sales teams, I find myself most effective when I am able to motivate and help improve things around me. I have always been driven to better understand people and what motivates them, as well as consistently striving to improve myself and my own skills.

At the age of 14 I began abusing drugs and alcohol, and by 16 I was depressed, addicted to opiates and suicidal.  My family elected to send me to a residential treatment center for troubled youth. Even though I did not yet maintain my sobriety, I was exposed to the concept of recovery for the first time. I remember witnessing a connection between people who felt and thought the same way I did. They seemed to find peace within that connection. 

When I returned to high school a dear friend of mine passed away. That, coupled with other relationship trauma, motivated me to do something different. My family had struggled to find resources for me, and I remember watching them make dead-end phone calls to various facilities, only to feel more anxious and stressed throughout the process. They did not know who to trust. Because of my experience, for my senior project, I wrote a resource guide for teens seeking help for drug addiction, depression, trauma and co-occurring disorders. I believe that was where my passion began.

Growing up, I was in a school system that allowed peers and teachers to nominate students that they found themselves going to naturally for solutions and support, which I appreciated. I am proud to say that, in high school, I was nominated and elected “natural helper.”

I returned to treatment as a young adult and still struggled with sobriety. I was convinced that drug use was a problem for me, yet felt that I could still drink alcohol. After years, I realized that alcohol was just as destructive to my goals and dreams as drugs were. Eventually, after more treatment and a slow acceptance of the 12-step philosophy, I was able to embrace recovery and create a life beyond what I thought was possible. My gratitude is immense.

I bring to Brass Tacks Recovery strong administrative and relational skills. Yet more important, what I bring is a never ending passion to help families find trustworthy resources for their loved ones, a contagious enthusiasm for life, combined with a deep sense of humility that I share with our clients daily.

Hannah Blecha

RADT, Client Care Advocate