The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Kyle Crawford – RADT, Director of Administration & Client Services Advocate

No matter how far someone has fallen into the psychological desolation that is alcoholism and addiction, I believe one can recover.

Even though I grew up in a supportive family environment and was offered every opportunity, I began experimenting with drugs and alcohol at a young age. As time passed, what started as a desire to explore consciousness ended up being a means to completely obliterate it. Over the years, my addictions progressed to the point where I felt completely isolated and hopeless.

Because of my addiction, and the behaviors it caused, my family and loved ones were afraid to attempt an intervention and I was unable to recognize the need for help. Only after hitting a profound “bottom,” due to a near death experience, I made the decision to enter a residential treatment facility.

Prior to dedicating my career to helping others with addiction treatment and recovery I traveled extensively and worked in a variety of industries with varied demographics. In the past I served as a network administrator for a software company, held the position of a manager of a showroom on 5th Avenue in New York City, and excelled as a project manager for a Department of Defense contractor. I gained valuable experience from this diverse work history, and it has allowed me to better understand and connect with people.

After relocating to Los Angeles, I began my career in the recovery industry. This occupation allows me to use my personal capability to help others with some of their biggest challenges. Brass Tacks Recovery gives me the opportunity to utilize my personal and professional experience while operating in a crisis management, intake assessment, and operational capacity.

Kyle Crawford

RADT, Director of Administration & Client Services Advocate