The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Matthew Budna – Director of Client & Family Relations

After being frustrated with the frequent dishonesty in the recovery field, I made a decision to join Brass Tacks Recovery about five years ago.

I saw a difference in how they supported individuals and families. Aaron and Angela have created a company that has a profound effect on the families we support. Our team is loving, direct and we do not stop until we have done everything possible to find solutions to a seemingly helpless situation. We believe in the miracle of change, and also know that change requires work. We help our clients and families do that work.

In my past, I saw firsthand the terror in my parents’ eyes when I chose drugs and living on the streets over getting the help they offered. I love my family and would do anything for them! Yet, addiction took me from them for over two years. My addiction continued to make choices for me until I learned to stop blaming everything and everyone around me. Once I was able to be honest with myself, and show willingness to recover, my life began to change. My parents have been incredibly supportive over the years as they learned not to enable me, but rather how to provide healthy support. Without them putting boundaries in place, I would not be who or where I am today. They saved my life by not rescuing me.

My career path in the mental health industry began in 2012 as a Behavioral Health Technician, working overnight shifts. Over a four-year period, I resided with and supported clients from morning until evening. This offered me the opportunity to engage with the clients during some of their most difficult and triggering moments. I realized this real time support is essential in recovery. I was rapidly promoted to a management position based on my attention to detail, attitude, and hands on approach. Over the next years I also held positions such as Operational and Clinical Liaison and Executive on Call, which, entailed oversight of the entire company as needed by the owners.

As often said in the recovery world, “addiction is a subtle foe.” It is demanding. It is relentless, and as Angela often says, “Addiction cares nothing about love. In fact, addiction depends on your love as a parent…to keep your loved one in its clutches.” As the Director of Client & Family Relations, my goal is to ensure clients and families are engaged, participating, and updated around each step of the healing that leads to successful long-term recovery. As a team we continue to evolve as the cultural and environmental stressors, that effect our client’s change.

If you are a family looking for help, you have landed in the right place. Our commitment to supporting you will remain unwavering. Addiction and mental health treatment require education, communication, honesty, loving boundaries and an open mind. We will provide you with the resources your loved one needs to be able to live the life they want.

Matthew Budna

Director of Client & Family Relations