The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Pat Shaffer – Executive Director

My foundation in working with others is rooted in a belief that the health of the family system is synonymous with an individual’s recovery. A driving factor in my work is to share with families what was given to my own family; care, support and valuable truths about addiction and how a family system contributes to the problem or the solution in a recovery process. I believe in mindful leadership that stems from consistency, education, effective communication, integrity and follow through. I am also dedicated to ensuring our team continues to grow internally and remains current on industry shifts.

I held an executive position at a nationally recognized treatment program for over a decade. This experience of helping clients through an entire treatment episode gave me a unique lens on a recovery system. My personal and professional history offer me an understanding of a full continuum of care.

I joined the Brass Tacks team because our culture stands firmly on the power of prevention while creating a long-term family system solution. We believe treatment should fit the client, not the client fitting the treatment. Family members must be involved, and we are here to help them do so in a supportive, not enabling way. This is important as many families experience multiple treatment episodes and can be confused by the mental health industry. I know how frightened a family can feel when their loved one is struggling with addiction or other mental health issues. That fear and desperation can often create family system short term reactions rather than healthy life-long responses. We believe that treatment programs and recommendations must be customized in every case and support looks unique to each family system.

My life in recovery started after multiple family interventions and residential treatment episodes. Yet, my recovery journey did not take hold until I began my internal wounds and feel a part of a recovery community.

I reside in the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. I enjoy being dynamic in both the recovery community as well as in my personal world. I am grateful for a second chance at a life that allows me to enjoy snowboarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with my wife, our wonderful dog and my dear friends.

Pat Shaffer

Executive Director