The Brass Tacks Recovery Team

Sarah Smith – Operations Manager

I believe that to nurture and support the healing and repair of a person’s brokenness is an obligation.

I am compelled to love and serve those who are affected by alcoholism, chemical dependency and the trauma that can paralyze a family. I deeply understand the feelings of defeat and hopelessness that come with these challenges. The most important piece of my life’s work is to build new ideas that cultivate real transformation in the individual and the family. Those methods must reflect long term healing, recovery and change.

I am a recovered addict. I have lived in the bondage of addiction and felt the internal torture that comes with unhealthy choices. I remember the faces of my family members when they were terrified and lost as they watched me deteriorate for decades. While in my addiction, I sacrificed my role as a daughter, sister, and the most painful… a mother. Blind sited by the insidious and subtle tricks of alcoholism, I was left with the realization that I had abandoned my entire life. As the years passed, this tremendous guilt fueled my defeat and led me further into my addiction.

After several arrests and years of degradation, I found myself at a crossroads. Sitting alone in my jail cell, I remembered the kindness I had once found in a 12-step program. Shortly after that moment, I made a decision to accept an offer to enter a drug diversion program. While in treatment, I was reintegrated in recovery, through behavioral modifications, participation in 12 step programming, therapy and medical attention. I needed high levels of care to treat my PTSD, and escape the habits of homelessness. I became reintroduced to a chance to rebuild my life.

My sobriety launched. I understand that recovery is a long-term commitment. I learned how to build the muscle of honesty, perseverance, and discipline. Most importantly I learned the vitality and value in service for others. As a next life step, I enrolled in college and focused on addiction studies. I continued my academic goal of excellence and in pursuit of my nursing degree. Having worked in treatment previously as a substance abuse counselor, I found my first footing in the helping profession. I cant deny loving it, however I felt something was missing.

Here at Brass Tacks, I have found that missing piece. Real focus on the space between the family and the client. This area is a crucial and very fragile element that needs a special lens and careful action. Brass Tacks Recovery looks through that lens. Here we acknowledge the often neglected truth, that addiction and mental health severely affects the family. Here, I have the ability to apply my academic knowledge in the use of helping others. Mental Health does not discriminate and neither does the gift of recovery. My wish is that my story and my talents can not only bring hope, but also solution to those who struggle.

Sarah Smith

Operations Manager